Aquifer: Well Pumps In Pittsboro NC

Well pumps in Pittsboro NC refer to mechanical systems that compel fluids or heavy gasses to move against the force of gravity and up a well shaft borehole.

Wells are drilled to access a number of substances that exist underground. The type of pump required to move these substances depends greatly on the depth of the borehole and the weight and viscosity of the substance being pumped.

For example a water-well is much less likely to require a powerful pump than a crude oil well. An underground water aquifer is likely to be more shallow underground than a crude oil deposit and is a less viscous fluid.

A water-well will access an aquifer. An aquifer is an area where water has collected and pooled though loose soil. When water saturates into the soil it continues to fall until it collects over a hard layer of impermeable bedrock. As a result most aquifers are not relatively deep. An aquifer pump may simply siphon the atmospheric air out of the water-well borehole and allow the weight of the ground and air to squeeze water up the borehole like a soda straw.

A crude oil deposit is much more likely to sit between layers of impermeable rock and therefore deeper. A more powerful pump is likely to be inserted into the borehole to move crude oil flows.

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